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You've probably noticed that marketing has changed. Yes it has, thanks to the Internet and the new ways that people search for, research and buy products and services. The old ways of reaching customers just don't work as well as they used to -- or at all. You still need to grow your revenues, so what can you do?

There's an effective new approach to marketing online called Inbound Marketing - designed for the way consumers and businesses buy today. The smartest companies are using Inbound Marketing to grow business like never before.

Here's where you can learn about Inbound Marketing and the opportunities it offers to build your business and leapfrog your competitors. And here's where you can get help implementing your own Inbound Marketing program.

Properly implemented, Inbound Marketing allows companies to:

  • Attract, engage, nurture prospects and build trusting relationships with key audiences online.
  • Convert website traffic to leads and then convert leads to customers.
  • Offer a more authentic and credible face to the world by creating the content that prospects are seeking.
  • Showcase your expertise and demonstrate your brand values.
  • Analyze what works and what doesn't so that you can make the most of your marketing resources.

Founded by a marketing and PR veteran, E.R. Becker Company provides you with:

  • Inbound Marketing expertise - SEO, Blogs, Social Media, Lead Generation/ Nurturing/Conversion, CRM, eMail Marketing, Analytics/ROI Proof.
  • Solid strategic & creative thinking.
  • Brand Positioning & Message Development.
  • Website development.
  • Noteworthy multi-media content.
  • The latest technology for marketing online.
  • Credibility/awareness-building.

Contact us to help you take advantage of inbound marketing tools & techniques -- and GROW.


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