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Outside-the-Box Ideas for Holiday Marketing Online

Posted by Ellie Becker on Mon, Nov 28, 2011 @ 19:11 PM

Out of the Box Online Marketing Ideas

Three times today I read information about inbound and online marketing strategies that had me saying, “Oh that’s a great idea!” So I thought I’d share them with you.

  1. As a Lord & Taylor customer I get their marketing emails. Today – Cyber-Monday – they took the opportunity to send a communication extending 25% online discounts to in-store purchases. What a good idea. As the media focuses people on the supposedly biggest online shopping day of the holiday season and the year, Lord & Taylor took the opportunity to reward their bricks and mortar customers for leaving their homes and offices and coming into the store. Chances are it’s a good day to do that, possibly with lower in-store traffic. Rewarding all customers for their purchases today sounds like a smart thing to do.
  2. I subscribe to an SEO software service called Keyword Spy and get their marketing emails, too. Today, their email cracked me up and underscored a great and underutilized keyword marketing strategy. Here’s the subject line of the email: Big Profets frum Bad Spellingg (and pooor typign too!) :)  The gist of the email was that in optimizing our websites and content we tend to go for properly spelled keywords. But there are millions of keyword searches using misspellings and including typos. If we’re not spelling snobs – which I definitely tend to be as a writer – we have big opportunities to attract the bad spellers and bad typists who can and will still buy our products and services. What a good idea!
  3. Google is starting to insert paid ads in new places like local maps. Savvy marketers are buying subsidized ads that make their little push-pins in the map stand out from all the rest and invite a click. Another even savvier marketer bid on his own branded keyword so that his ad for free online shipping popped up in the same ad bubble that announced a special promotion at his bricks-and-mortar store. A good idea that let him cover online and offline bases in a local map search engine result.


What good outside-the-box ideas are you using in your holiday online marketing?

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Inbound Marketing Strategy: ‘How We Help’. Then, ‘Who We Are’

Posted by Ellie Becker on Thu, Nov 17, 2011 @ 21:11 PM

Think How Can We HelpI reviewed a few websites this week where the first information on the home page had to do with the company – who they are and what they do. But when I first hit a website, my initial question is, “Am I in the right place? Do they have an answer to my question or a solution to my problem?”

I don’t really care who they are until I know that they have what I’m looking for. Do you? Once I know that they get me and what I’m looking for, I’ll drill down further to see if I like the people behind the company and believe that they can and will deliver on their promises.

Of course, I can – and do - ask my network if anyone’s had an experience with that company and factor those opinions into my buying decision.

Am I any different than the people searching for services like mine? I don’t think so. When we’re about to spend our hard-earned cash, we want to spend it with people and companies that demonstrate that they understand our needs and have put together thoughtful products to help us.

Our communications messages must convey that right up front.

Have you positioned your website communications in terms of the problems they solve for your customers?

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The image is from the Flickr photostream of markhillary under Creative Commons license.

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Welcome to the inbound-i blog: All i's on inbound marketing!!

Posted by Ellie Becker on Mon, Nov 14, 2011 @ 17:11 PM

inbound Marketing Information

Back in 2008 I launched my first blog called New PR Words and Music. Its mission was to track the evolution of PR, marketing and media as I began to evolve my career from traditional PR to Inbound Marketing -- in its really fledgling state at that time. It was also a place where I could share relevant music files from my big collection of jazz.

Lately I've been feeling uncomfortable with the name and positioning of the blog, since I'm now almost fully focused on Inbound Marketing and using online tools. So today I'm launching inbound-i a new blog that will focus on inbound marketing ideas, intelligence and innovation. From time to time it will also shine a light on inbound issues.

I'm always going to keep a link from here to New PR Words and Music because it's a pretty rich reference source for online marketing topics - about 110 posts searchable by category. From time to time I'll link back to specific posts there. And for now the original blog will also be accessible from the navigation of this site.

The best part of blogging here is that I've been using HubSpot as my content management system, but the original blog was outside of my HubSpot and so the considerable traffic it was drawing was not being integrated into my inbound marketing analytics and I was losing valuable opportunities to have blog readers easily interact with my website and the additional content available to them here.

I encourage you to subscribe and I promise to provide you with meaty information, with perhaps a slightly off-beat take on all things Internet (another i-word. how could i have forgotten?) As i poke around the HubSpot blogging platform, I'll be adding media files of all types - and once in awhile, I'll undoubtedly share a favorite jazz tune!

How are you evolving your blogging strategy and your online marketing efforts?

The eye-i graphic is from the Flickr photostream of Chris Bloke under Creative Commons license. 

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