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Fall in Love with Online Marketing. It’ll Love You Back.

Posted by Ellie Becker on Tue, Jan 10, 2012 @ 21:01 PM

I Love the WebOnline marketing takes a lot of time. It takes commitment and consistency. You can use tools to make it more efficient – for example, HootSuite to plan and schedule your Tweets and Facebook posts for the week.

But if you want to assure that you stay the course, here’s my advice: Fall in love.

To me, this means falling in love with the possibilities that the web represents -- six degrees of separation on steroids. Imagine what this can mean for your business or your personal delight.

It’s the excitement of attracting a million dollar deal. It’s the moment you log on to Twitter and see a tweet from a friend with a link to his jazz gig at 10 p.m. in NY City that will stream online and that you can now catch from suburban Connecticut.

I’m constantly aware that my Twitter stream, my LinkedIn Groups, my Google+ Circles have real people in them, doing real things, having real needs, posting useful information and timely opportunities.

I just love that. And it is a timeline. Facebook just confirmed that with its new Timeline format. You can pop into the timeline whenever you want to and see what opportunities are in front of you in the moment.

It’s really thrilling. And it’s how to motivate ourselves to hang in there – to keep creating and sharing content, to keep connecting.

It’s like searching for treasure. Dig around in any social media stream for even a little while and you are guaranteed to come up with something valuable – a connection to a long lost colleague, something that will make you laugh uproariously, a lesson that will help you deal with your life, an idea for a blog post, possibilities you haven’t yet imagined.

If you fall in love with the sheer possibility of online marketing, you’ll stop thinking of it as a burden and embrace it as a source of opportunity that loves you back.

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