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Online Lead Generation: Blogging Builds Business

Posted by Ellie Becker on Mon, Jun 11, 2012 @ 09:06 AM

Online Lead Generation Blogging Builds Business  When I say, “Blogging Builds Business,” I say it   with certainty. Why am I so sure? Because, I’ve personally built business through blogging. For online lead generation, blogging is an undeniably powerful and essential tool.

With consistency – at least one post per week -- I’ve seen my website traffic grow continuously. I share my blog on social media and almost always offer another piece of content with each post via a call to action button. And my business has grown.

In fact, I’ve become so busy implementing inbound marketing programs for clients, that I’ve further proved the value of blogging to build traffic and help convert traffic to leads. This time it’s a negative proof.

As my blogging consistency has waned, so has my traffic and so has my online lead generation – dramatically. I know this because I track my marketing progress through my HubSpot analytics.

So, this week I’m doing what I recommend to my clients: Sit down at your computer and take a bit of time to share what you know about your business. In today’s marketing environment, content publishing is the Holy Grail. We ignore it or abandon it at our own peril, and that of our businesses.

Fortunately my online community, those I respect and whose blogs have inspired me in the past, reminded me that I just have to rededicate myself to my blog and online marketing efforts. Ironically today, both Chris Brogan and Mark Schaefer had posts that got me to sit down first thing and share these thoughts with you. Please be sure to read them for some great advice.

I expect that with a few extra blog posts, my traffic will build pretty quickly. I’m also going to spend part of today creating a new piece of content to offer on a new landing page to help my blog visitors engage with my company. These efforts will also make my site more enticing to search engines as they continuously seek fresh information to provide to those looking for it online.

Even as someone who understands and believes in the value of inbound marketing – and the critical role of blogging, I’m no different than any small business owner trying to take the best care of clients, while continuing to market and build business. These activities are not mutually exclusive and both are critical to success. So I stand by the advice that I offer to you and to myself. Start blogging. Keep blogging.

How will you get your online lead generation on track?

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The image Keep Up and Blog On is from the flickr photostream of futureshape under Creative Commons license.

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