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How to Improve SEO: Blog Your Keywords

Posted by Ellie Becker on Sun, May 06, 2012 @ 12:05 PM

My last post was described as the final in a 'How to Improve SEO' series. Not quite so, as the title of this post will attest. I began writing these posts primarily because I'm working with so many clients lately to add optimization to their sites, fix sites with poorly selected search terms and to improve usability. There's so much misinformation or downright lack of information about SEO that I felt it was high time to address it in the blog. How to Improve SEO

There was another reason for the series tied to my own marketing. Although I do alot of SEO work and have been quite successful in getting my clients ranking on page one for important keywords, in my own search engine rankings, I was absolutely nowhere to be found for search terms related to SEO.

Every piece of content we add to our sites is an opportunity to optimize and rank for another keyword. I use my own marketing as lab and role model for what I teach my clients so I decided it would be a good experiment to go from 'off the radar screen' to high ranking for the term 'How to Improve SEO'.

My research showed that the term in "phrase match" gets 440 searches monthly in the U.S. Anyone looking to improve SEO is an excellent prospect for me and I don't need more than a handful of new clients to reach my revenue objectives - so it was a good choice for my business. (Business strategy and objectives is always the place to start in making marketing decisions.)

I began the series of blog posts optimized for 'How to Improve SEO' on March 12th. After publishing them, I publicized them with a link on social media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (including about 15 LinkedIn Groups) and - most important - Google+. I believe that Google+ is a lynchpin in successful SEO strategies because when I publicize on G+ my posts are indexed by Google within 48 hours. I know this because I maintain a Google Alert on my website url. When I get an alert about a new post, it means that it's been indexed.

On the morning of May 3rd, I checked my ranking for 'How to Improve SEO' for the first time since starting the series and - I had position 64! This put me on about page 5 or 6. Later that morning, I received a Google Alert on the latest post published a couple of days before. When I checked my ranking again later that evening I found that I'd moved up to position 26!! About page 2 or 3.

By the way - I find my rankings right in my HubSpot software along with all other manner of measurement and analytics. The chart shown above from my HubSpot  Keywords tool shows you exactly when my ranking for ‘How to Improve SEO’ started to shoot up – a fast 5 weeks after the first post of the series.

The results of this experiment led me to share the story as a personal case study in this additional post while, at the same time, taking the opportunity to move to Page 1 by blogging once more on the search term. I'll let you know what happens. This inbound marketing stuff really works, dear readers. Why wouldn't you want to do something that's proven to work?

While you're here, learn 20 more reasons why you should use Inbound Marketing.

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Welcome to the inbound-i blog: All i's on inbound marketing!!

Posted by Ellie Becker on Mon, Nov 14, 2011 @ 17:11 PM

inbound Marketing Information

Back in 2008 I launched my first blog called New PR Words and Music. Its mission was to track the evolution of PR, marketing and media as I began to evolve my career from traditional PR to Inbound Marketing -- in its really fledgling state at that time. It was also a place where I could share relevant music files from my big collection of jazz.

Lately I've been feeling uncomfortable with the name and positioning of the blog, since I'm now almost fully focused on Inbound Marketing and using online tools. So today I'm launching inbound-i a new blog that will focus on inbound marketing ideas, intelligence and innovation. From time to time it will also shine a light on inbound issues.

I'm always going to keep a link from here to New PR Words and Music because it's a pretty rich reference source for online marketing topics - about 110 posts searchable by category. From time to time I'll link back to specific posts there. And for now the original blog will also be accessible from the navigation of this site.

The best part of blogging here is that I've been using HubSpot as my content management system, but the original blog was outside of my HubSpot and so the considerable traffic it was drawing was not being integrated into my inbound marketing analytics and I was losing valuable opportunities to have blog readers easily interact with my website and the additional content available to them here.

I encourage you to subscribe and I promise to provide you with meaty information, with perhaps a slightly off-beat take on all things Internet (another i-word. how could i have forgotten?) As i poke around the HubSpot blogging platform, I'll be adding media files of all types - and once in awhile, I'll undoubtedly share a favorite jazz tune!

How are you evolving your blogging strategy and your online marketing efforts?

The eye-i graphic is from the Flickr photostream of Chris Bloke under Creative Commons license. 

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