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HubSpot3: Beyond Lead Generation

Posted by Ellie Becker on Mon, Sep 17, 2012 @ 12:09 PM

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So far this year, the 8000+ users of HubSpot have generated more than 35,500,000 leads using the all-in-one inbound marketing software. Its creators have just launched HubSpot3 – a powerful new version – which promises to exponentially increase both HubSpot users and lead generation.

Inbound Leads Generated by HubSpot

If you’re a small or mid-sized business or even an enterprise level company trying to use Internet tools to generate leads, you owe it to your business to look into HubSpot3. In fact, this version not only helps you generate leads, but provides new methods of interaction, CRM integration and analytics -- all designed to move you beyond lead generation to closed business.

We’re still within a window of opportunity for those companies that adopt Inbound Marketing before their competitors do. Most businesses are still stuck on figuring out how to drive traffic to their websites (read “Home Pages”) without a fundamental understanding of how to convert web traffic to leads and then to sales.

HubSpot allows you to both understand and implement the process. The most important aspect of HubSpot3 is that it organizes the inbound marketing process far more intuitively than its initial release, while providing and demonstrating new ways to connect disparate online activities to drive results.

For one example, when I log into the Contacts section of my HubSpot -- which is at the heart of the new release -- and click on a specific individual, I can now see the social media he or she is active on – including handles. I can click to go direct to their social profiles and follow them right from HubSpot.

This allows a new level of proactive engagement with those who choose to provide their email to download a piece of content from my website. I can now create a social media conversation, with their past interactions with my site as a starting point. As contacts continue to interact with my business over time, their profiles automatically update so that I can segment them for additional engagement based on selected criteria.

One of the most powerful features of HubSpot for larger companies with outside sales departments is a more robust integration with and other major CRM systems. The result is that sales people can become stakeholders in the marketing process and leads get turned over to them when they’re far more purchase-ready, making for a more efficient and productive sales process.

eMail in HubSpot3 is arguably the most effective email marketing software available today. An array of templates, customization and personalization capabilities (even custom personalization fields) help create appealing and audience-appropriate emails. Open rates and other stats are incorporated into overall analytics and contact profiles. Subscribers now have the ability to opt in or out of various email offer types.

Those marketers charged with creating emails and email campaigns can view page-development progress in an on-screen preview panel. Lists can be easily segmented and contacts assigned to specific salespeople for personalized responses.

At the Professional and/or Enterprise levels of the HubSpot3 product, email can drive clicks to Smart Landing Pages that adapt automatically based on browser and device, as well as previous contact interaction and behavior. Full campaigns can be launched from landing pages.

Marketers can also embed smart forms which remove fields a contact has filled out previously and Smart CTAs (calls-to-action) that adapt to the individual contact’s interests based on previous actions. It’s easy to imagine how such individualized user experiences can build relationships with leads and encourage them to become buyers when they’re ready.

Get a sneak peak of HubSpot3, which will roll out between now and early 2013. Get a jumpstart on next year’s marketing plans! eMail me at for a demo.

Also...Learn more about generating leads online and download your free Lead Generation Tips here.

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Breaking Inbound Marketing News: HubSpot3 Launches

Posted by Ellie Becker on Wed, Aug 29, 2012 @ 10:08 AM

 HubSpot Dashboard

Dear Readers of the inbound-i blog,

You are among the very first on the planet to get groundbreaking news about the present and future of marketing. Culminating a year of intense development, HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah have just rolled out HubSpot3 a powerful new version of its software that even more fully integrates and analyzes the many functions of successful Inbound Marketing.

HubSpot3 Just Announced at Inbound 2012

The announcement came minutes ago during their keynote presentation here at Inbound 2012, a gathering of HubSpot users, Inbound Marketing agency partners and those interested in learning more about Inbound Marketing and evolving their marketing for the way both B-to-C and B-to-B customers buy today. A number of new features – particularly those that provide Smart/Dynamic delivery of content, forms and calls to action -- fulfill the vision that Brian Halligan put forth at last year’s Inbound event: To enable marketing segmentation to the individual level.

HubSpot3 provides marketers unprecedented control and ease of implementation of all aspects of Inbound Marketing. If you had to cobble it all together yourself, you’d have to purchase at least eight separate products and then try to get them all to talk to each other effectively. And you still wouldn’t have as elegant and impressive a solution.

Any business owner or corporate marketer who has looked at HubSpot in the past must take another look now. Some of the new elements are available across all levels of the HubSpot product – Basic, Professional and Enterprise. Some features are available only at the Professional and/’or Enterprise levels. These decisions were based on providing features of greatest importance to each HubSpot persona group at realistic pricing levels for each customer type.

What's New in HubSpot3?

We’ll be blogging more about the specifics of the new HubSpot3 platform, but here are the highlights of what’s rebuilt or is brand new in HubSpot3 as provided by the HubSpot team:

HubSpot Logo

The following new or rebuilt elements in the release of HubSpot 3 join blogging software, CMS, SEO tools, Marketing Analytics and other tools (including the marketplace) to make up the complete HubSpot 3 Platform:

  • Contacts Database: Originally released to a small audience in June, Contacts is an ever-evolving information portal on a company’s audience (Prospects, Leads and Customers). Contacts is really the brain of the new platform with lead and customer profiles automatically adapting and updating based on changing preferences and interactions with the company.
  • Email: Also released to a small audience in June, the email system is closely integrated with the contacts database, workflows social media, dynamic content and a company’s CRM system. It enables greater personalization and deliverability than ever before.
  • Workflows: Workflows leverage the enormous amount of data in the Contacts database and a series of rules set by the marketer to create dynamically evolving segments and automate marketing actions. More than email automation, workflows enables marketers to trigger campaigns, change contact profile properties, score leads, send notifications, and sync to a CRM system based on when a lead has met a set of conditions.
  • Landing Pages: Landing pages have been rebuilt to be closely integrated with the Contacts database, CRM systems, email, dynamic components, and social media. Using the new landing pages, marketers can build, implement, and measure a full multichannel campaign in one place. A/B Testing is built in (at the enterprise level) and the new landing page templates have responsive design to optimize for different devices and browsers. Because of Smart Forms and Smart CTAs (See these points below), HubSpot's landing pages are also among the most adaptive on the market.
  • Smart Forms: Smart forms adapt and minimize over time. As a company gathers contact information about a given lead, the forms remove fields that have been filled in during previous submissions, making for a better user experience. For example, any of you who have filled out the same long form in HubSpot every time you want to download a piece of content will never have to do so again.
  • Smart CTAs (Calls to Action): Built off the Contacts database, HubSpot 3 enables you to show images and CTAs that adapt in real time to the interests of each visitor based on previous interactions with your website. This is AWESOME and cutting edge!
  • Smart Lists: Smart lists are continually evolving contact lists based on a set of criteria. Each time an individual meets the rules of a smart list, they are added. You can have an unlimited number  of Smart Lists that are segmented based on the value of a contact property, being a member of a static list, or having ever filled out a specific form.
  • Social Media: With a new integration directly into Contacts, HubSpot Social Media now enables you to view a lead's social activity and create dynamic segments based on your most engaged social media followers. In addition to that functionality, called "Social Contacts," HubSpot social media now has an in-app view of all your Twitter and Facebook interactions and enables you to respond, follow or other action.
  • Mobile App: Available for free in the apple store, HubSpot has added a mobile application to enable marketers to keep tabs on their lead generation and customer conversions on the go. The mobile app includes a view of Sources, Marketing Grader and Contacts.
  • Integration: HubSpot 3 brings you an even stronger connector than ever. (The software also integrates with other CRMs and software platforms via plug-ins and interfaces developed on the HubSpot API.)

The evolution of the HubSpot software was enabled by significant investment in the past couple of years by online marketing giants Sequoia Partners, Google and Some of the features – like the new email product -- are already available to new customers and are being rolled out to existing customers. Other features will be rolled out over time. A new pricing structure has also been rolled out – effective September 1. Contact us for more info and demos at 

If you're still not sure what Inbound Marketing is or how it can help your business, download our free Inbound Marketing fact sheet here.


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