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Key to Marketing Success: A Website That Kicks Your Butt

Posted by Ellie Becker on Tue, Nov 15, 2011 @ 20:11 PM

 Get a Butt Kicking Website

I know what it takes to succeed in online marketing. I live and breathe it. I know all of the steps. I keep up with the latest tools and tactics. But most of my days are spent implementing client projects. So my own marketing could easily fall down.

That’s why I got myself a website that kicks my butt and doesn’t let me avoid my own marketing. Every day when I log on to my site I see exactly how I’m doing compared with last month. Last month I had a great month. My website traffic was up in the triple digit percentile. So was my lead generation.

Then I hit the first of November and my website reminded me that I’m only as good as what I generated last month. If I want to make my online marketing accountable to the bottom line I have to do certain things: Write a new blog post, Tweet some keywords in a Twitter post, Create a nice fact sheet or eBook that will help my online community solve problems and that will encourage them to engage with my company.

Is it easy to find time to do these things when I have work to deliver for clients? No. It never is and never has been. We’ve always had this dilemma of implementing for clients vs marketing for ourselves.

So I am mightily grateful for a website that reminds me of what the most efficient and effective things are that I can do in the 30 minutes I have available to grow my business.

We can all have a butt-kicking website in this age of marketing automation to help us meet our business goals. In fact, that's our best marketing investment.

BTW…Writing this post was my website’s idea. When I see my traffic stats and read your comments tomorrow, I’ll be glad I listened.


The image – called Butt Kicking - is from the Flickr photostream of scottfeldstein under Creative Commons license.

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