Inbound Marketing Strategy: First Step to Success

What companies love about Inbound Marketing is that it's a highly measurable approach, accountable to the bottom line. With some good initial planning and goal-setting, you'll know just what your marketing investment is yielding. 

E.R. Becker Company starts by developing an understanding of your sales and revenue targets and your best customer. Then we work with you to build an effective Inbound Marketing strategy designed to generate and nurture sufficient leads to get you to your business objectives.

We'll recommend the right online tools and tactics to help you connect with your company's specific audiences and markets.

Which social media sites attract your buyers?

What content will they find useful in their purchasing decisions?

Which lead nurturing tactics will move potential buyers most efficiently through the sales funnel?

Which tactics can you perform successfully in-house and which would benefit from outside implementation?

Given your budget and resources, what's a reasonable timeline?

Based on HubSpot and other analytics, what adjustments need to be made along the way to keep the progress going?

E.R. Becker Company consultants will guide you through each step and can provide you with any implementation help you may need.