Lead Generation Online: Converting Web Traffic to Leads

You’re blogging. You’re publicizing your blog and engaging on social media. You’re commenting on other people’s blogs. You’ve optimized your website and your other content. You’re getting found online and your website traffic is exploding!

Now what? Driving traffic to your website is only the first step in Inbound Marketing. Next, it’s time to engage. When people land on your website, you have an opportunity to begin a real relationship that leads to a sale – and at a significantly lower cost.

We can provide you with a road map and turn-by-turn directions to convert web traffic into leads. Then we’ll help you nurture your leads through the buying cycle and convert them to customers and brand advocates.

The successful path to lead generation and conversion leads through a kingdom of content – created to appeal to prospects at each step in the buying cycle – and served by a royal guard of robust analytics and CRM tools that will help you become a trusted resource. There is no better foundation for making the sale!

Best of all, Inbound Marketing reduces the cost of a lead 62% compared with traditional outbound marketing.

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