Inbound Marketing Builds Measurable Business Growth

If your organization is like most others, the people you need to reach for success are online. And they’re already using Google and other search engines, RSS feeds, keyword searches, web ads and other online tools to find the information, products and services they’re looking for. Help them to find you, engage with your company and become customers.

It all centers around your website:

  • properly optimized for search engines
  • full of compelling content – articles, whitepapers, podcasts, video – to attract prospects and even journalists
  • connected to a blog to
    - drive additional traffic
    - build thought leadership
    - serve as a magnet for search engines via dynamic content and long tail search
    - engage visitors in a two-way conversation
    - build relationships through subscribership
    - extend your reach through content sharing capabilities

In addition we add off-site elements to give stakeholders even more opportunity to connect:

  • a presence on appropriate social media networks – FaceBook, Linked In, Twitter, Google+, Quora
  • public relations, media relations campaigns
  • email marketing campaigns – particularly good for lead nurturing

One of the best reasons to mount an inbound marketing initiative is that it’s highly measurable. You can see the results!